Family doesn't end in blood

The names Dean, first rule you need to know, if you hurt my car or my brother you're dead. I'm just carryin' on the family business saving people and hunting things you wouldn't believe.

Independent Dean Winchester rp blog for seasons 1-9.

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Supernatural is like those nature shows that introduce you to this adorable innocent baby animal and you watch it grow and you fall in love with it and name it and want to see it happy and HOLY CRAP A BIG HORRIBLE ANIMAL IS ATTACKING IT AND IT’S BEING TORN TO SHREDS IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES.

//Sorry for no replies the past few days guys.

But last Friday a coworker’s wife called to let us know Ed had passed away early in the morning. It’s still a big shock and I’m struggling to understand he’s not ever coming back, not going to walk through the door and joke with us, sing a random song, or tease the heck out of us. His spot at work is empty, everyone is still upset and now his memorial is on Thursday and I don’t know if work will let anyone go.

Rest in Peace Ed. We miss you so very much. 45 was way too soon.

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Finding an RP partner who runs with your batshit crazy ideas is like finding the holy grail.



//My loyal little Toshiba laptop has been with me for 6 years and might finally be giving up the fight… I’m a little sad about this.

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//What is going on with the Impala? Why is she there? Don’t tell me Dean leaves her there…. Now I’m panicking for her.

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