Family doesn't end in blood

The names Dean, first rule you need to know, if you hurt my car or my brother you're dead. I'm just carryin' on the family business saving people and hunting things you wouldn't believe.

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It’s all right! Take as much time as you need : )



Mark Sheppard and writer Brad Buckner, ep 9.16 DVD commentary


Me. Right now.

I’m just going to go cry now…

//I have never seen so much rain and flooding in my life… 4.5 inches of rain in about a 6 hour period, that’s about 41% of our average rain fall in one night (we generally only get about 7.6 inches a year). It was absolutely incredible and a bit terrifying to drive in. Many cars submerged or dead on the side of the roads. Schools and businesses had a ‘Rain Day’ but not my work of course -_- We must be one of the few states where 3 inches causes an official state of emergency.

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Happy Impala Monday!

Brought to you by Season 9 Special Features (x)

lilith1967 doesn’t it look like the early Impala had a black headliner and sails? The one sun visor looks black too.

If I accidentally drop our thread it’s not because I don’t want to play it’s because I’m a horrible roleplayer and 100% scatter brained. Never be afraid to message me to remind me it’s my turn.